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Recent and Miscellaneous Publications.

"House-Painting," "Mothers: Pearls," and "Stars Boys:Boys Stars" in Hotel, 2018

"Eels," "Foxes," and "Bears, Part Two" in FIVE:2:ONE

"Folksingers", "Skinheads" ,and "Bears" in X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

"Odors" excerpted from The Disintegrations on Blood Tree Literature, 2018

Excerpt from “Robert” taken from The Disintegrations on The Nervous Breakdown, 2017

“My Coffin” excerpted from The Disintegrations in 3:AM Magazine, 2017

“Herve’s Ghost: Notes on Herve Guibert’s To the Friend who did not Save my Life” originally in Fifty Gay and Lesbian Books Everyone Must  Read, reprinted in Antioch University MFA Program’s  20th anniversary editions of their Literary Journal Lunch Ticket, 2017

“Lunatics (Men in the Moon)” in Gertrude Journal, Issue 19, 2013

“Nine Lives” in Animal Shelter (Semiotext(e) Issue 2, Spring, 2012

Essays in The First Time I Heard Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, and The Smithsseries (ed. Scott Heim), 2012

“Lecture on Destroying your own Book” in Lies/Aisles, Issue 01, 2009.

“A Secret Prince: Some Initial Thoughts on the Photography of Josh McNey” on Dennis Copper’s The Weaklings blog.

“Socratic Dialogue Number One between Me and DFW on the Future or Lack Thereof of Literature: The Postmortem” in 1913, Spring 2010.

“On Franz Kafka and Gay Porn” in Bloom Literary Journal.

“On Literary Suicides in General and David Foster Wallace’s Suicide in Particular” on Ready Steady Book.

“I’m not who you think I am: Notes on Charlotte Rampling”  and “On the Voluptuousness of Louis Garrel” in Crush Fanzine.

“Organ Grinders” in Two Hawks Quarterly.

“Adelaide” in Two Hawks Quarterly.

“Crayons” in Between Men: New Gay Fiction, Caroll and Graff.

“Aerogrammes” in Wonderlands, University of Wisconsin Press, 2004.

Excerpts from The End of the World Book in Fence Magazine.

“The Boy is Peeling” in Aroused (ed. Karen Finley), Thundersmouth Press, 2001